BVL technology has been operating in three countries Rwanda ,Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo with over 80000 farmer Records registered for the Last 3 to 4 years in operation as a registered company.


  • Digital traceability and Sustainability

  • Track Crops through the Value Chain

  • Price transperency and visibility

The sole purpose is to reward farmers with the best prices and eliminate cheat that is brought about when in exsistance of middlemen that eploit farmrs buying their products at less the market price and good quality products.

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Smart softwares

We Offer simple ,easy to use and scalable products to our clients

Trusted security

Our Clients are very confident with firm belief by entrusting us with there data in our databases

Awards winners

We have been chosen on more than one occasion to represent Uganda and Africa in innovation challenges

Great experience

With the the high level crew experience our product and services are of quality

Our values and goals

About BVL Company

BVL basically focuses on traceability from farm to point of Export. We do this different android applications for data collection and web based dashboards to view and analyse data collected .

BVL technology products are in operation in three countries Uganda,Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo

Our plan is to scale our products to other crops and countries and identify financial institution partners

Bienfait Bitenyo
Founder & CEO

Core Technology services

Our services

Mobile Development

TypeAndroid Applications

Mainatenance and Performance Follow up


Web Development


Data analysis


IT Consultation


UI/UX Design


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What our clients think

Testimonials feedback

  • Something I realy appreciate about BVL is your aptitude to problem solving in a professional way

    Great lakes Coffee Company

  • You gys easily adapted to a new coffee system in congo ,with totally different languages

    CoffeeLac DRC

  • Ability with a new team RTC and easily fit in no matter both teams working in different nvironments

    Rwanda Trading Company

  • Ever since you got to your new offices everyone has adopted to new technology

    Grate lakes Coffee roastery


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Farmer Records

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Team members

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